Protection and Management Plan for the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

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Management Goals 

"The mission of the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center is to educate and
inspire people about the natural world and to instill a passion for
the environment through science, history, culture and art"

The following goals and principles envision Millbrook Marsh Nature Center as a sanctuary for nature and representative cultural heritage in a quickly urbanizing context. They set the framework for management that will help ensure a perpetually flourishing and complex ecosystem, one that the people of Centre Region will come to cherish and steward as a place of discovery, learning and inspiration. And because the Nature Center’s vitality depends to a great extent on human influences beyond its boundaries, these goals and principles are proactive in calling for conservation measures throughout the watershed.

Overall Goal

To protect, restore, and enhance the bio tic, abiotic, cultural and scenic values of the site, and to promote public understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of this heritage. Priority will be given to the protection of the wetland and stream ecosystems.

Natural History Goal

To ensure the health and integrity of the Center’s natural aquatic and upland ecosystems by protecting, restoring, and enhancing ecological and hydrologic functions in a manner that promotes self-sustaining and diverse biotic communities. 

Cultural Heritage Goal

To identify, maintain and celebrate the cultural heritage features of the Center for their inherent value, and as they reveal the long term human use and occupancy of the area.

Education and Interpretation Goal

To provide opportunities for students of all ages to explore and learn about the site’s ecosystem and its role as headwaters to the Spring Creek Watershed and the Chesapeake Basin in a manner that is experiential, participatory and respec4fitl of the natural world.

Recreation Goal

To accommodate ongoing and new passive recreational opportunities in Millbrook Marsh that are consistent with the above goals.

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