Protection and Management Plan for the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center


Setting and Inventories
Political Setting

The Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, located at 548 Puddintown Road in College Township, is centrally located in the urbanizing communities in and around State College, Centre County, Pennsylvania. It is a relatively large and unique aquatic ecosystem. The largest portion of Millbrook Marsh Nature Center was previously owned by the Clover Highlands group and transferred to The Pennsylvania State University with the assistance of The ClearWater Conservancy. The University placed this property, approximately 20 hectares (50 acres) of wetlands and adjacent uplands, together with the adjoining 5-ha (12-acre) farm, known as "Farm 12", under the jurisdiction the Centre Region Parks and Recreation Authority for a 35-year lease period, with options to renew. Some parts of Millbrook Marsh, including a calcareous fen, are presently in private ownership. A Millbrook Marsh Advisory Committee was established in 1997 to discuss and decide upon issues and management practices regarding the site. The Committee’s membership is representative of the diversity of potential user groups.

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