Protection and Management Plan for the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center
July 1998

Table of Contents
Protection and Management Plan Cover Page  Cover
Mission Statement Pages -
Introduction Page 1-8
Political Setting Page 9
Historic and Cultural Setting Page 9
Historical Aerial photographs of Millbrook Marsh Page 11
Ecological Setting Page 13
Hydrology - Stormwater and Water Quality Page 15-17
Stream Fauna - Macroinvertebrates and Fish Page 25-27
Stream Habitat and Discharge Page 27
Soils Page 35
Wetlands and Vegetation - Reference Wetlands Page 36

Wetland Macroinvertebrates and Reference Wetland Summaries

Page 52-53
Invasive Vegetation - Existing and Potential Page 55-57
Wetland Wildlife Page 58-60
Management Goals Page 61
Management Principals Page 62-66
Management Zones Page 67-69
Monitoring Protocol  Page 71
Recommendations Page 75-84

Cultural Recommendations

Page 84-89
References Page 91-95

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