A Natural History of Millbrook Marsh,
A Wetland In An Urbanizing Setting


Information was gathered from published and unpublished papers, reports and data and personal observation. The information search included the historical archives of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, the Centre County Historical Society, the Centre County Planning Commission, the Pennsylvania State University, the State College Borough, residents in the vicinity of Millbrook Marsh, and recreational users of the marsh. People who have been involved in various aspects of Millbrook Marsh were interviewed, as well as people involved in things that directly or indirectly influence the marsh and its individual components. Much of the current data for stream discharge, morphology, macroinvertebrates and fish is the result of research for the Millbrook Marsh Protection and Management Plan by the Penn State Cooperative Wetlands Center. Mapping was conducted at the Land Analysis Laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University, using the computer programs Arcview and Arcedit. Centre County Inventory data compiled for the Centre County Planning Office was used together with other data gathered in the field and from prior land analyses from the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Pennsylvania State University. Documents and data were amassed and analyzed. Current data was compared to historical data where it was applicable and when enough data existed.

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