A Natural History of Millbrook Marsh,
A Wetland In An Urbanizing Setting

Chapter 3

Hydrology and Aquatic Habitats

As with all wetlands, the hydrologic regime of Millbrook Marsh plays the primary role in controlling function for the site and in the surrounding watershed and subwatershed. Millbrook Marsh serves in a flood control capacity by storing surges of stormwater or meltwater from further up the watershed, thereby reducing peak flows and crest levels further downstream. During these flooding events the marsh vegetation helps filter out sediments and potential contaminants in the stormwater. The marsh also functions as a groundwater discharge area for many springs.

The hydric soils of Millbrook Marsh occur due to the periodic flooding of Slab Cabin Run and Thompson Run, the discharge of numerous continuously flowing springs, and to the high water table in some areas. These various hydrological conditions contribute to the high plant species diversity at Millbrook.

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